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Vegas for the Weekend!

Vegas WAS insane... if you don't follow my snap or instagram you definitely should. Snapchat is realtrinityxxx and instagram is trinitystclair. I partied harder than I ever have and wouldn't change a single thing for the world.  You only have one life live it to the fullest.

3 weeks ago
New Adventures!

Its about time! Finally after moving around I found a network that I can control. I have been with 2 different ones in the past that well... just put me in the herd of cattle! Now this free bird gets to be free and do what I want with my site. take it or leave it, but this is me. This is Trinity and how she is. If you want more than be a member. Either way I love you all and thanks for joining me in my life journey 

xoxo Trin

1 months ago
80180-Mother Days-TrinityStClair
Mother Days
1 months ago

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